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FRP Panels Advantages:

  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant — NO Rust / NO Rot / Virtually UNAFFECTED by chemical environments
  • High Strength — Shatter resistant, Strong, and Durable. Tred-Safe is strong enough to walk on!
  • Let Some Light In! — Translucent panels, offered in a variety of colors, can provide soft diffused transmitted light.
  • Fire Retardant — Panels with an Underwriters’ 25 Flame Spread Rating are available, as well as RFM panels that have passed Factory Mutual 25 and 50 foot Corner Tests.
  • Metal Panels Dent & Bend — FRP panels are resilient to large deflections with normal load/impact conditions, and return to original shape when the load is removed.
  • Built-In Ultra-Violet Protection — No need for additional coatings or films.